Miami Party Bus Prices

Renting a party bus is the perfect way to keep the whole gang together while you hop between hot spots across the city. But with so many factors affecting the final rental rate, determining the cost for your perfect party on wheels can get confusing. Wherever your party bus adventure takes you in Miami—from bar crawls on South Beach to weddings in Wynwood—the team at Beachside Party Bus Miami has your back. Call us anytime at (305) 507-0446 for a free, no-obligation quote!

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Miami Party Bus Prices

Miami Party Bus Rental Cost Factors

While an hourly rate gives you a ballpark estimate, the only way to get an accurate party bus quote is to call us with the key details of your rental. We take aspects like group size, trip duration, time of year, route, and extras into account when calculating your total rental cost. Here’s a closer look at how each element affects your party bus price:

Group Size

Party buses range in size from small 10-passenger models to spacious vehicles that hold up to 40 people. Naturally, the bigger the party bus, the bigger the rental price tag. But just because you can fill a 40-passenger party bus doesn’t mean you should. Optimize cost and comfort by choosing the smallest bus that can comfortably fit your group. With open floor plans and seating primarily around the perimeter, passenger capacity on a party bus works a bit differently than a charter bus. You won’t find single seats in neat rows. Depending on the layout, passengers often sit face-to-face or side-by-side. Don’t wait until the day-of to get an accurate headcount!

Trip Duration

Most party bus rentals are priced by the hour, with a minimum booking window of at least three hours. The longer you extend your rental, the more expensive the overall cost. For long-distance routes to cities like Orlando, Tampa, or Tallahassee, or all-day events, ask us about affordable hourly and package rates to keep your spending in check. 

Time of Year

From weekends to holidays and peak events, party bus rates fluctuate based on the season and date. Avoid last-minute bookings around major holidays like New Years and Halloween to score the most budget-friendly rental. For the cheapest rates, schedule your party bus midweek and during the off-season between January and March. As soon as you pick a date, reserve your ride—prices get more expensive the longer you wait.


Party buses offer a fun way to bar and club hop, so most rentals stay local and visit the city’s hottest nightlife districts. Long-distance excursions increase your total mileage and may require additional driver fees. When booking, supply your full itinerary, including every pickup and stop. Unexpected detours and extended distances will increase your final bill.


Our clients rent party buses for all kinds of occasions, including bachelor/ette parties, pub crawls, concert shuttles, corporate events, sightseeing excursions, and more! Special event transportation in Miami sees the highest demand, especially around major holidays and weekends. Book as far in advance as possible if your party bus is for a popular occasion like New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, Halloween, or a Miami Heat game.


Miami party buses range from budget-friendly basics to ultra-luxurious rides. As you tack on amenities and upgrades, your rental rate rises. Start with necessities like a high-quality sound system, neon track lighting, tinted windows, and leather seating. Then consider splurges like flat screens, dance poles, strobe lights, laser shows, and stripper poles if you want to take your party to the next level.

Estimating Your Miami Party Bus Cost

Wondering how all those factors influence real-world party bus pricing? Here are a few examples covering rental costs for bachelorette parties, concert shuttles, bar crawls, and more to give you an idea of what to budget. Just remember that your final quote will vary based on your unique trip details and preferences.

Bachelorette Party Bus

Maggie is renting a party bus for a Saturday night bachelorette party in late April. Her group size is 12 ladies hoping to bar hop between Brickell, Downtown Miami, Wynwood, and South Beach. They need a vehicle from 7 pm to 2 am, which equals a 7-hour rental.

For 12 passengers on a Saturday night in peak season, Maggie books a 20-passenger party bus with a premium sound system, neon lights, leather seats, and pole. Her total quote comes to $1,400, which breaks down to $100 per person.

Concert Shuttle

James wants transportation for his group of 8 friends to see Red Hot Chili Peppers at Hard Rock Stadium on a Saturday in September. They need a party bus to transport them from their hotel in Downtown Miami to the show in Miami Gardens, arriving an hour before showtime and departing 30 minutes after the concert ends. In total, they need the bus for approximately 6 hours that evening. James decides on a 14-passenger party bus for his group size. The total cost of the 6-hour concert shuttle rental with standard amenities like Bluetooth and neon track lighting comes to $1,720, working out to $180 per person.

Bachelor Party Bar Crawl

For his weekend bachelor party, the groom wants to take 14 guys bar hopping in Miami’s trendy Wynwood Arts District. They need a party bus on a Friday night for 6 hours from 6 pm to midnight in November for their pub crawl. The group decides on a 20-passenger party bus to give them wiggle room to mingle. For a Friday night in low season, the 6-hour rental costs $1,900 total. Split between 14 passengers, each person pays around $130 for the bachelor’s Wynwood bar crawl bus.

Birthday Party Bus

Sara is planning a birthday party bus on a Saturday evening in March for her daughter’s 18th birthday. There will be 18 teenage guests who want a party bus rental for 4 hours from 8 pm to midnight. For 18 passengers on a weekend night in low season, Sara books a 25-passenger party bus fully loaded with a premium sound system, disco lights, leather seats, and more. Her total 4-hour rental quote comes to $2,000, working out to about $110 per passenger.

Corporate Party Bus

Acme Inc. wants to rent a party bus for a team-building pub crawl along South Beach as part of an upcoming corporate retreat. There will be 24 employees participating in the Sunday evening event for 4 hours from 6 pm to 10 pm in June. The company decides on a 32-passenger party bus for the group’s size. For a 4-hour Sunday rental during peak season for 28 passengers, the total quote is $2,400, working out to $100 per person.

How to Save on Your Miami Party Bus

Ready to get your party on the road? Here are 5 tips to help you save when booking a Miami party bus:

Set Your Budget

Having a maximum spending limit in mind before you call for a rental quote keeps your party bus search grounded in reality. Be open with us about your ideal budget, and we can tailor your amenities and rental to meet it. Reserve your party bus as far in advance as possible, especially for peak weekends and holidays. Rates get more expensive the longer you wait.

Travel Midweek

Partying during peak weekends drives up demand and rental costs. For the best rates, opt for a midweek rental on Sunday through Thursday when party buses are more readily available.

Keep It Local

Your hourly rate is based on mileage, so keep your route contained to hot spots around Miami. Long-distance trips drive up your total rental cost. Supply your full itinerary upfront so we can provide accurate pricing.