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If you are a die-hard Florida Gators fan then you know you are excited about the renewed rivalry with those Canes down in Miami. You may even already be thinking about a Miami charter bus from Gainesville so your whole crew can ride together. You have the date circled on your calendar and you are ready to go! You and a whole slew of your favorite Gators faithful friends and family. But who wants to ride down there in a long line of cars, that nightmare caravan that always leaves half of you lost somewhere at a truck stop or parked way on the other side of the parking lot come tailgate time. No fun in that! Want to see travel fun? Click the links on the side of the page for a whole new experience with a charter bus from Gainesville to Miami.

Miami, Florida Coach Buses

So, if you want to go from Gainesville to Miami with your group, here are your options – travel the night before and stay at a hotel so you can all leave for the game at once or try to pile as many people in as few vehicles as possible for that sardine can ride down I-95.

Of course, there is one more option – a coach bus rental in Miami. You will be cruising in the lap of luxury with all your friends. No travel worries and no stragglers forgotten in the restrooms along the way. Just your big, happy, orange and blue crew basking in the glow of anticipation of another Gator victory. This could be your big game experience if you are looking for a coach bus from Gainesville to Miami. A Miami, FL charter bus can take you right from your hotel to Dolphin Stadium and pick you up after the game is over. Why not make it a weekend with side trips to the Seaquarium or Miami Zoo while riding with one of our comfortable coach bus services in Miami.

Charter Bus Rentals in Miami, FL

But maybe you are coming from a little further away. Are you a Gators fan residing in Tampa? No problem, we have terrific Miami, Florida charter bus prices and selection for you and your team too. The ride on the charter bus from Tampa to Miami might be a little longer, but you get the same level of comfort. Nice clean seats, cool A/C, music, and plenty of room to practice your Gator chomp. Now doesn’t that sound like a much better option?

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But wait, there’s one more thing to consider; all your game day stuff. Sure you have stadium seats, camp chairs for tailgating, various hats, banners, and foam fingers. No problem. Not only do our Miami coach bus rentals have plenty of room for all the people you have going to the game, but, depending on the model you choose, they also offer tons of storage space for all the stuff you need to make your game day truly epic. Want to see the selection and find the right coach bus rental in Miami, FL for all your stuff? Click the links on the side of the page to check out all of our vehicles.

Then, after the game it will be time to go back home. If your team won then you will have room to celebrate. And, if the unthinkable happens – hey, we have to plan for all eventualities here – then you can sink into one of the comfortable Miami coach bus seats and sleep your sorrows away all the way home. So, no matter if your trip to the big game means taking the bus from Gainesville to Miami or taking the bus all the way from Tampa to Miami, we have you covered. Click any of the links to see the incredible selection of vehicles we offer and next football season you will be riding in style!